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WireGuard vs OpenVPN

The charts on this page compare WireGuard and OpenVPN speedtest results for three VPN providers that support both: NordVPN, Mullvad, and Windscribe. The charts display performance over the past seven days. The underlying data are updated in realtime.


WireGuard OpenVPN
NordVPN 694 Mbps 407 Mbps
Mullvad 590 Mbps 183 Mbps
Windscribe 313 Mbps 102 Mbps
Average download speed between April 09, 2021 and April 16, 2021


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Our system is fully automated which lets us take thousands of readings a day. The data on this page represent speedtests conducted between servers based in the U.S. and VPN servers also based in the U.S.

All speedtests are done using the native OpenVPN and WireGuard clients except for the NordVPN WireGuard speedtests which use NordVPN's client (NordVPN does not make WireGuard configuration files available).