Windscribe WireGuard

Recent Speedtests

449 Mbps
2.6 ms
New Jersey 4 minutes ago
363 Mbps
90.0 ms
California 6 minutes ago
227 Mbps
47.2 ms
New York 8 minutes ago

1 Day

370.8 Mbps
62.2 ms


Logging Policy

Recent Independent Audits

Windscribe has not undergone an independent, third-party audit but is said to be developing technology to make their security/privacy practices fully transparent.

Current pricing

  • $4.08/mo with 12-month commitment ($49 up front)
  • $5.99/mo with 12-month commitment ($71.88 up front)
  • $11.95/mo
  • Other pricing available depending on VPN configuration
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