Mullvad WireGuard

Recent Speedtests

879 Mbps
3.5 ms
New York 2 minutes ago
814 Mbps
3.4 ms
New York 4 minutes ago
681 Mbps
39.7 ms
Texas 7 minutes ago

1 Day

612.4 Mbps
26.8 ms


Logging Policy

We log nothing whatsoever that can be connected to a numbered account's activity:
  • no logging of traffic
  • no logging of DNS requests
  • no logging of connections, including when one is made, when it disconnects, for how long, or any kind of timestamp
  • no logging of IP addresses
  • no logging of user bandwidth
  • no logging of account activity except total simultaneous connections (explained below) and the payment information detailed in this post.

Recent Independent Audits

  • June 2020 - Security audit of Mullvad's Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS client applications conducted by Cure53.