About VPNIntel

We are obsessed with one thing. Unit price. We track VPN performance in real time to report it accurately.

Unit price?

We define unit price as: price per month per megabit per second. For example, given NordVPN's price of $3.71/month (with a two year subscription) and its download speed of 663.2 Mbps (averaged over 24 hours), the unit price works out to:

$3.71 / 663.2 Mbps = $0.0056/Mbps

We express our unit prices in cents per Mbps which makes this 0.56¢/Mbps. And by the way, these are live numbers! Refresh this page in a few minutes, and you should see them change slightly.

Testing methodology

VPN performance will vary minute-to-minute based on many factors. To get a representative measurement, we spin up test servers around the globe, connect to servers for each VPN provider, and download sample files to measure transfer speed (the same way Fast.com and Speedtest.net do it on your local device).

Because our system is automated, it's easy for us to stay connected to each VPN network and track performance over time. This lets us provide you with an accurate picture of the performance you can expect from each provider.

VPNIntel is reader-supported

When you buy through links on our site, we often (but not always) earn an affiliate commission from the provider you select. This helps fund the servers we run that continuously measure VPN network health.

To prevent bias from entering our reporting, we try to avoid making explicit recommendations. We're nerds here, and we prefer to let the data do the talking. It makes us happy when we can write some code to extract an interesting dataset, and present it in a way that is easy to digest and verify. We want to empower our readers with what they need to make informed decisions of their own.


We'd love to hear from you! Shoot us an email at hello@vpnintel.com.


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